Conflict of interest.

Conflict of interest. A situation in which a person or entity has competing personal, professional, or financial interests that make it difficult for the person or business to act impartially. Regarding use of both grant and matching funds, Federal procurement standards prohibit transactions that involve a real or apparent conflict of interest for owners, employees, officers, agents, or their immediate family members having a financial or other interest in the outcome of the Project; or that restrict open and free competition for unrestrained trade. Specifically, Project funds may not be used for services or goods going to, or coming from, a person or entity with a real or apparent Conflict of Interest, including, but not limited to, owner and their immediate family members. An example of Conflict of Interest occurs when the Grantee's employees, board of directors, or the immediate family of either, have the appearance of a professional or personal financial interest in the Applicant receiving the benefits or services of the grant.


7 CFR § 3570.252

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