Accessible route

Accessible route means a continuous unobstructed path connecting accessible elements and spaces in a building or within a site that can be negotiated by a person with a severe disability using a wheelchair and that is also safe for and usable by people with other disabilities. Interior accessible routes may include corridors, floors, ramps, elevators, and lifts. Exterior accessible routes may include parking access aisles, curb ramps, walks, ramps, and lifts. A route that complies with the appropriate requirements of ICC A117.12009, ICC/ANSI A117.12003, ICC/ANSI A117.11998, CABO/ANSI A117.11992, ANSI A117.11986 (all incorporated by reference, see 100.201a) or a comparable standard is an accessible route within the meaning of this paragraph.


24 CFR § 100.201

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