State aid

State aid means any contribution, no repayment for which is expected, made by a State to or on behalf of LEAs within the State for current expenditures for the provision of free public education.


34 CFR § 222.161

Scoping language

General rules.
(1) A State may take into consideration payments under sections 8002 and 8003(b) of the Act (including hold harmless payments calculated under section 8003(e)) in allocating State aid if that State has a State aid program that qualifies under § 222.162, except as follows:
(i) Those payments may be taken into consideration for each affected local educational agency (LEA) only in the proportion described in § 222.163.
(ii) A State may not take into consideration -
(A) That portion of an LEA's payment that is generated by the portion of a weight in excess of one under section 8003(a)(2)(B) of the Act (children residing on Indian lands);
(B) Payments under section 8003(d) of the Act (children with disabilities); or
(C) The amount that an LEA receives under section 8003(b)(2) that exceeds the amount the LEA would receive if eligible under section 8003(b)(1) and not section 8003(b)(2) (heavily impacted LEAs).
(2) No State aid program may qualify under this subpart if a court of that State has determined by final order, not under appeal, that the program fails to equalize expenditures for free public education among LEAs within the State or otherwise violates law, and if the court's order provides that the program is no longer in effect.
(3) No State, whether or not it has an equalization program that qualifies under § 222.162, may, in allocating State aid, take into consideration an LEA's eligibility for payments under the Act if that LEA does not apply for and receive those payments.
(4) Any State that takes into consideration payments under the Act in accordance with the provisions of section 8009 in allocating State aid to LEAs must reimburse any LEA for any amounts taken into consideration for any fiscal year to the extent that the LEA did not in fact receive payments in those amounts during that fiscal year.
(5) Except as provided in paragraph (a)(6), a State may not take into consideration payments under the Act in making estimated or final State aid payments before its State aid program has been certified by the Secretary.
(i) If the Secretary has not made a determination under section 7009 of the Act for a fiscal year, the State may request permission from the Secretary to make estimated or preliminary State aid payments for that fiscal year, that consider a portion of Impact Aid payments as local resources in accordance with this section.
(ii) The State must include with its request an assurance that if the Secretary determines that the State does not meet the requirements of section 222.162 for that State fiscal year, the State must pay to each affected LEA, within 60 days of the Secretary's determination, the amount by which the State reduced State aid to the LEA.
(iii) In determining whether to grant permission, the Secretary may consider factors including whether -
(A) The Secretary certified the State under § 222.162 in the prior State fiscal year; and
(B) Substantially the same State aid program is in effect since the date of the last certification.

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