Marketing year

Marketing year means the 12-month period beginning in the calendar year the crop is normally harvested as follows:
(1) Barley, oats, and wheat: June 1 through May 31;
(2) Canola, flax and rapeseed, lentils, and dry edible peas: July 1 through June 30;
(3) Peanuts, seed cotton, and rice: August 1 through July 31; and
(4) Corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, sunflowers, safflower, mustard, crambe, sesame, and chickpeas: September 1 through August 31.


7 CFR § 1412.3

Scoping language

The definitions in this section are applicable for all purposes of administering this part. The terms defined in part 718 of this title and part 1400 of this chapter are also applicable, except where those definitions conflict with the definitions specified in this section. Where there is a conflict or a difference in definitions specified in this part and part 718 of this title or part 1400 of this chapter, the regulations in this part will apply.

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