Rent to owner.

Rent to owner. The total monthly rent payable by the family and the PHA to the owner under the lease for a contract unit. Rent to owner includes payment for any housing services, maintenance, and utilities to be provided by the owner in accordance with the lease. (Rent to owner must not include charges for non-housing services including payment for food, furniture, or supportive services provided in accordance with the lease.)


24 CFR § 983.3

Scoping language

Other voucher terms (terms defined in 24 CFR 982.4).
(i) The definitions in this section apply instead of definitions of the same terms in 24 CFR 982.4.
(ii) Other voucher terms are defined in § 982.4, but are not defined in this section. Those § 982.4 definitions apply to use of the defined terms in this part 983 and in provisions of part 982 that apply to part 983.
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