Petroleum refining process unit

Petroleum refining process unit means a process unit used in an establishment primarily engaged in petroleum refining as defined in the Standard Industrial Classification code for petroleum refining , and used primarily for the following:
(1) Producing transportation fuels (such as gasoline, diesel fuels, and jet fuels), heating fuels (such as kerosene, fuel gas distillate, and fuel oils), or lubricants;
(2) Separating petroleum; or
(3) Separating, cracking, reacting, or reforming intermediate petroleum streams.
(4) Examples of such units include, but are not limited to, petroleum-based solvent units, alkylation units, catalytic hydrotreating, catalytic hydrorefining, catalytic hydrocracking, catalytic reforming, catalytic cracking, crude distillation, lube oil processing, hydrogen production, isomerization, polymerization, thermal processes, and blending, sweetening, and treating processes. Petroleum refining process units also include sulfur plants.


40 CFR § 63.641

Scoping language

All terms used in this subpart shall have the meaning given them in the Clean Air Act, subpart A of this part, and in this section. If the same term is defined in subpart A and in this section, it shall have the meaning given in this section for purposes of this subpart.

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