Allowable risk corridor costs

Allowable risk corridor costs means -
(1) The subset of costs incurred under a Part D plan (not including administrative costs, but including dispensing fees) that are attributable to basic prescription drug coverage only and that are incurred and actually paid by the Part D sponsor to -
(i) A dispensing pharmacy or other dispensing provider (whether directly or through an intermediary contracting organization) under the Part D plan;
(ii) The parties listed in § 423.464(f)(1) of this part with which the Part D sponsor must coordinate benefits, including other Part D plans, as the result of any reconciliation process developed by CMS under § 423.464 of this part; or
(iii) An enrollee (or third party paying on behalf of the enrollee) to indemnify the enrollee when the reimbursement is associated with obtaining drugs under the Part D plan; and
(2) These costs must be based upon imposition of the maximum amount of copayments permitted under § 423.782 of this part. The costs for any Part D plan offering enhanced alternative coverage must be adjusted not only to exclude any costs attributable to benefits beyond basic prescription drug coverage, but also to exclude any prescription drug coverage costs determined to be attributable to increased utilization over standard prescription drug coverage as the result of the insurance effect of enhanced alternative coverage in accordance with CMS guidelines on actuarial valuation.


42 CFR § 423.308

Scoping language

For the purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply -

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