Packer. The term packer means any person with 50 percent or more ownership in a facility engaged in the business of buying lambs in commerce for purposes of slaughter, of manufacturing or preparing meat products from lambs for sale or shipment in commerce, or of marketing meats or meat products from lambs in an unmanufactured form acting as a wholesale broker, dealer, or distributor in commerce. For any calendar year, the term includes only a federally inspected lamb processing plant which slaughtered or processed the equivalent of an average of 35,000 head of lambs per year during the immediately preceding 5 calendar years. Additionally, the term includes a lamb processing plant that did not slaughter or process an average of 35,000 lambs during the immediately preceding 5 calendar years if the Secretary determines that the processing plant should be considered a packer after considering its capacity.


7 CFR § 59.300

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