Net value.

Net value. The fair market value of real property, minus an amount representing the costs that the Secretary estimates would be incurred by VA in acquiring and disposing of the property. The number to be subtracted from the fair market value will be calculated by multiplying the fair market value by the current cost factor. The cost factor used will be the most recent percentage of the fair market value that VA calculated and published in the Notices section of the Federal Register (it is intended that this percentage will be calculated annually). In computing this cost factor, VA will determine the average operating expenses and losses (or gains) on resale incurred for properties acquired under 36.4323 which were sold during the preceding fiscal year and the average administrative cost to VA associated with the property management activity. The final net value derived from this calculation will be stated as a whole dollar amount (any fractional amount will be rounded up to the next whole dollar). The cost items included in the calculation will be:
(1) Property operating expenses. All disbursements made for payment of taxes, assessments, liens, property maintenance and related repairs, management broker's fees and commissions, and any other charges to the property account excluding property improvements and selling expenses.
(2) Selling expenses. All disbursements for sales commissions plus any other costs incurred and paid in connection with the sale of the property.
(3) Administrative costs.
(i) An estimate of the total cost for VA of personnel (salary and benefits) and overhead (which may include things such as travel, transportation, communication, utilities, printing, supplies, equipment, insurance claims and other services) associated with the acquisition, management and disposition of property acquired under ยง 36.4323 of this part. The average administrative costs will be determined by:
(A) Dividing the total cost for VA personnel and overhead salary and benefits costs by the average number of properties on hand and adjusting this figure based on the average holding time for properties sold during the preceding fiscal year; and
(B) Dividing the figure calculated in paragraph (3)(i)(A) of this definition by the VBA ratio of personal services costs to total obligations.
(ii) The three cost averages will be added to the average loss (or gain) on property sold during the preceding fiscal year (based on the average property purchase price) and the sum will be divided by the average fair market value at the time of acquisition for properties which were sold during the preceding fiscal year to derive the percentage to be used in estimating net value.


38 CFR § 36.4301

Scoping language

Whenever used in 38 U.S.C. chapter 37 or subpart F of this part, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms defined in this section shall have the following meaning:

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