Surgical assistant.

Surgical assistant. A physician (or dentist or podiatrist) who assists the operating surgeon in the performance of a covered surgical service when such assistance is certified as necessary by the attending surgeon, when the type of surgical procedure being performed is of such complexity and seriousness as to require a surgical assistant, and when interns, residents, or other house staff are not available to provide the surgical assistance services in the specialty area required.


32 CFR § 199.2

Scoping language

General. In an effort to be as specific as possible as to the word and intent of CHAMPUS, the following definitions have been developed. While many of the definitions are general and some assign meaning to relatively common terms within the health insurance environment, others are applicable only to CHAMPUS; however, they all appear in this part solely for the purpose of the Program. Except when otherwise specified, the definitions in this section apply generally throughout this part.

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