Corrosion-resistant material

Corrosion-resistant material or corrosion-resistant means made of one of the following materials in a grade suitable for its intended use in a marine environment:
(1) Silver;
(2) Copper;
(3) Brass;
(4) Bronze;
(5) Aluminum alloys with a copper content of no more than 0.4 percent;
(6) Cooper-nickel;
(7) Plastics;
(8) Stainless steel;
(9) Nickel-copper; or
(10) A material, which when tested in accordance with ASTM B 117 (incorporated by reference, see 46 CFR 175.600) for 200 hours, does not show pitting, cracking, or other deterioration.


46 CFR § 175.400

Scoping language

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