Subsidiary means an organization that has more than 50 percent of its voting shares held directly or indirectly, or that otherwise is controlled or capable of being controlled, by the investor or an affiliate of the investor under any authority. Among other circumstances, an investor is considered to control an organization if:
(1) The investor or an affiliate is a general partner of the organization; or
(2) The investor and its affiliates directly or indirectly own or control more than 50 percent of the equity of the organization.
(x) Tier 1 capital has the same meaning as provided under the Capital Adequacy Guidelines.
(y) Well capitalized means:
(1) In relation to a parent member or insured bank, that the standards set out in § 208.43(b)(1) of Regulation H (12 CFR 208.43(b)(1)) are satisfied;
(2) In relation to a bank holding company, that the standards set out in § 225.2(r)(1) of Regulation Y (12 CFR 225.2(r)(1)) are satisfied; and
(3) In relation to an Edge or agreement corporation, that it has tier 1 and total risk-based capital ratios of 6.0 and 10.0 percent, respectively, or greater.


12 CFR § 211.2

Scoping language

Unless otherwise specified, for purposes of this subpart:

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