Groundwater means water below the land surface in a zone of saturation. For purposes of this appendix, groundwater is the water contained within an aquifer as defined above.


10 CFR § A_to_part_40

Scoping language

Introduction. Every applicant for a license to possess and use source material in conjunction with uranium or thorium milling, or byproduct material at sites formerly associated with such milling, is required by the provisions of 40.31 to include in a license application proposed specifications relating to milling operations and the disposition of tailings or wastes resulting from such milling activities. This appendix establishes technical, financial, ownership, and long-term site surveillance criteria relating to the siting, operation, decontamination, decommissioning, and reclamation of mills and tailings or waste systems and sites at which such mills and systems are located. As used in this appendix, the term as low as is reasonably achievable has the same meaning as in 20.1003 of this chapter.

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