Federal agency

Federal agency means an office or place of business, licensed by the OCC and operated by a foreign bank in any state, that may engage in the business of banking, including maintaining credit balances, cashing checks, and lending money, but may not accept deposits from citizens or residents of the United States. Obligations may not be considered credit balances unless they are:
(1) Incidental to, or arise out of the exercise of, other lawful banking powers;
(2) To serve a specific purpose;
(3) Not solicited from the general public;
(4) Not used to pay routine operating expenses in the United States such as salaries, rent, or taxes;
(5) Withdrawn within a reasonable period of time after the specific purpose for which they were placed has been accomplished; and
(6) Drawn upon in a manner reasonable in relation to the size and nature of the account.


12 CFR § 28.11

Scoping language

For purposes of this subpart:

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