earned income

For purposes of section 1348 and the regulations thereunder, the term earned income means any item of gross income which is earned income within the meaning of section 401(c)(2)(C) or 911(b) unless the item constitutes deferred compensation as defined in paragraph (b) of this section or is otherwise excluded by application of this paragraph. Thus, subject to such exceptions, the term includes:
(A) Wages, salaries, professional fees, bonuses, amounts includible in gross income under section 83, commissions on sales or on insurance premiums, tips, and other amounts received, actually or constructively, as compensation for personal services actually rendered regardless of the medium or basis of payment.
(B) Compensatory payments for personal services made prior to the time such services are actually rendered, provided such advance payments are not made for a purpose of minimizing Federal income taxes by reason of the application of section 1348, and are either customary in the particular profession, trade, or business, or are made for a bona fide business purpose.
(C) Prizes and awards in recognition of personal services includible in gross income under section 74, amounts includible in gross income under section 79 (relating to group-term life insurance purchased for employees), and amounts includible in gross income under section 1379(b) (relating to contributions to qualified pension plans in the case of certain shareholder-employees); and
(D) Gains (other than gain which is treated as capital gain under any provision of chapter 1) and net earnings derived from the sale or other disposition of, the transfer of any interest in, or the licensing of the use of property (other than good will) by an individual whose personal efforts created such property


26 CFR § 1.1348-3

Scoping language

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