On-Board unit

On-Board unit (OBU). An On-Board Unit is a DSRCS transceiver that is normally mounted in or on a vehicle, or which in some instances may be a portable unit. An OBU can be operational while a vehicle or person is either mobile or stationary. The OBUs receive and contend for time to transmit on one or more radio frequency (RF) channels. Except where specifically excluded, OBU operation is permitted wherever vehicle operation or human passage is permitted. The OBUs mounted in vehicles are licensed by rule under part 95 of this chapter and communicate with Roadside Units (RSUs) and other OBUs. Portable OBUs are also licensed by rule under part 95 of this chapter. OBU operations in the Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (UNII) Bands follow the rules in those bands.


47 CFR § 90.7

Scoping language

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