Variances and exemptions.

Variances and exemptions.
(1) If it permits small system variances pursuant to Section 1415(e) of the Act, it must provide procedures no less stringent than the Act and Subpart K of this part.
(2) If it permits variances (other than small system variances) or exemptions, or both, from the requirements of the State primary drinking water regulations, it shall do so under conditions and in a manner no less stringent than the requirements of Sections 1415 and 1416 of the Act. In granting these variances, the State must adopt the Administrator's findings of best available technology, treatment techniques, or other means available as specified in Subpart G of this part. (States with primary enforcement responsibility may adopt procedures different from those set forth in Subparts E and F of this part, which apply to the issuance of variances (other than small system variances) and exemptions by the Administrator in States that do not have primary enforcement responsibility, provided that the State procedures meet the requirements of this paragraph); and


40 CFR § 142.10

Scoping language

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