Mortgage Assistance Relief Service

Mortgage Assistance Relief Service means any service, plan, or program, offered or provided to the consumer in exchange for consideration, that is represented, expressly or by implication, to assist or attempt to assist the consumer with any of the following:
(1) Stopping, preventing, or postponing any mortgage or deed of trust foreclosure sale for the consumer's dwelling, any repossession of the consumer's dwelling, or otherwise saving the consumer's dwelling from foreclosure or repossession;
(2) Negotiating, obtaining, or arranging a modification of any term of a dwelling loan, including a reduction in the amount of interest, principal balance, monthly payments, or fees;
(3) Obtaining any forbearance or modification in the timing of payments from any dwelling loan holder or servicer on any dwelling loan;
(4) Negotiating, obtaining, or arranging any extension of the period of time within which the consumer may:
(i) Cure his or her default on a dwelling loan,
(ii) Reinstate his or her dwelling loan,
(iii) Redeem a dwelling, or
(iv) Exercise any right to reinstate a dwelling loan or redeem a dwelling;
(5) Obtaining any waiver of an acceleration clause or balloon payment contained in any promissory note or contract secured by any dwelling; or
(6) Negotiating, obtaining or arranging:
(i) A short sale of a dwelling,
(ii) A deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or
(iii) Any other disposition of a dwelling other than a sale to a third party who is not the dwelling loan holder.


12 CFR § 1015.2

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