Representatives of the news media

Representatives of the news media means persons whose principal employment is to gather or report news for:
(1) A newspaper which qualifies as a general circulation newspaper in the community in which it is published. A newspaper is one of “general circulation” if it circulates among the general public and if it publishes news of a general character of general interest to the public such as news of political, religious, commercial, or social affairs. A key test to determine whether a newspaper qualifies as a “general circulation” newspaper is to determine whether the paper qualifies for the purpose of publishing legal notices in the community in which it is located or the area to which it distributes;
(2) A news magazine which has a national circulation and is sold by newsstands and by mail subscription to the general public;
(3) A national or international news service; or
(4) A radio or television news program, whose primary purpose is to report the news, of a station holding a Federal Communications Commission license.


28 CFR § 540.2

Scoping language

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