Performance requirements.

S5.2. Performance requirements. Each tire shall conform to each of the following:
(a) It shall meet the requirements specified in S6 for its tire size designation, type, and maximum permissible inflation pressure.
(b) It shall meet each of the applicable requirements set forth in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this S5.2, when mounted on a model rim assembly corresponding to any rim designated by the tire manufacturer for use with the tire in accordance with S4.
(c) Its maximum permissible inflation pressure shall be 240, 280, 300, 340, or 350 kPa.
(d) Its load rating shall be that specified either in a submission made by an individual manufacturer, pursuant to S4, or in one of the publications described in S4 for its size designation, type and each appropriate inflation pressure. If the maximum load rating for a particular tire size is shown in more than one of the publications described in S4, each tire of that size designation shall have a maximum load rating that is not less than the published maximum load rating, or if there are differing maximum load ratings for the same tire size designation, not less then the lowest published maximum load rating.


49 CFR § 571.139

Scoping language

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