Itinerary information

Itinerary information means information reflecting a passenger's or non-traveling individual's itinerary specified in the covered aircraft operator's AOIP. For non-traveling individuals, itinerary information is the airport code for the sterile area to which the non-traveler seeks access. For passengers, itinerary information includes the following:
(1) Departure airport code.
(2) Aircraft operator.
(3) Scheduled departure date.
(4) Scheduled departure time.
(5) Scheduled arrival date.
(6) Scheduled arrival time.
(7) Arrival airport code.
(8) Flight number.
(9) Operating carrier (if available).


49 CFR § 1560.3

Scoping language

In addition to the terms in 1500.3 and 1540.5 of this chapter, the following terms apply to this part:

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