Senior foreign political figure.

Senior foreign political figure.
(1) The term senior foreign political figure means:
(i) A current or former:
(A) Senior official in the executive, legislative, administrative, military, or judicial branches of a foreign government (whether elected or not);
(B) Senior official of a major foreign political party; or
(C) Senior executive of a foreign government-owned commercial enterprise;
(ii) A corporation, business, or other entity that has been formed by, or for the benefit of, any such individual;
(iii) An immediate family member of any such individual; and
(iv) A person who is widely and publicly known (or is actually known by the relevant covered financial institution) to be a close associate of such individual.
(2) For purposes of this definition:
(i) Senior official or executive means an individual with substantial authority over policy, operations, or the use of government-owned resources; and
(ii) Immediate family member means spouses, parents, siblings, children and a spouse's parents and siblings.


31 CFR § 1010.605

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