Income information

Income information means information relating to an individual's income, including:
(1) All employment income information known to current or previous employers or other income sources that HUD or the processing entity determines is necessary for purposes of determining an assistance applicant's or participant's eligibility for, or level of assistance in, a covered program;
(2) All information about wages, as defined in the State's unemployment compensation law, including any Social Security Number; name of the employee; quarterly wages of the employee; and the name, full address, telephone number, and, when known, Employer Identification Number of an employer reporting wages under a State unemployment compensation law;
(3) With respect to unemployment compensation:
(i) Whether an individual is receiving, has received, or has applied for unemployment compensation;
(ii) The amount of unemployment compensation the individual is receiving or is entitled to receive; and
(iii) The period with respect to which the individual actually received such compensation;
(4) Unearned IRS income and self-employment, wages and retirement income as described in the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. 6103(l)(7); and
(5) Wage, social security (Title II), and supplemental security income (Title XVI) data obtained from the Social Security Administration.


24 CFR § 5.214

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions in 5.100, the following definitions apply to this subpart B:

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