Further processing

Further processing -
(1) Quantified data. If merchandise has undergone further processing after its importation into the United States and the importer elects the method specified in paragraph (c)(3) of this section, deductions made for the value added by that processing will be based on objective and quantifiable data relating to the cost of the work performed. Accepted industry formulas, recipes, methods of construction, and other industry practices would form the basis for the deduction. That deduction also will reflect amounts for spoilage, waste, or scrap derived from the further processing.
(2) Loss of identity. If the imported merchandise loses its identity as a result of further processing, the method specified in paragraph (c)(3) of this section will not be applicable unless the value added by the processing can be determined accurately without unreasonable difficulty for either importers or Customs. If the imported merchandise maintains its identity but forms a minor element of the merchandise sold in the United States, the use of paragraph (c)(3) of this section will be unjustified. The Center director shall review each case involving these issues on its merits.


19 CFR § 152.105

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