Basic component

Basic component means, for the purposes of 50.55 of this chapter:
(1) When applied to nuclear power reactors, any plant structure, system, component, or part thereof necessary to assure
(i) The integrity of the reactor coolant pressure boundary,
(ii) The capability to shut down the reactor and maintain it in a safe shutdown condition, or
(iii) The capability to prevent or mitigate the consequences of accidents which could result in potential offsite exposures comparable to those referred to in § 50.34(a)(1), § 50.67(b)(2), or § 100.11 of this chapter, as applicable.
(2) When applied to other types of facilities or portions of such facilities for which construction permits are issued under § 50.23, a component, structure, system or part thereof that is directly procured by the construction permit holder for the facility subject to the regulations of this part and in which a defect or failure to comply with any applicable regulation in this chapter, order, or license issued by the Commission could create a substantial safety hazard.
(3) In all cases, basic component includes safety related design, analysis, inspection, testing, fabrication, replacement parts, or consulting services that are associated with the component hardware, whether these services are performed by the component supplier or other supplier.


10 CFR § 50.2

Scoping language

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