Pre-sold construction loan

Pre-sold construction loan means any one-to-four family residential construction loan to a builder that meets the requirements of section 618(1) or (2) of the Resolution Trust Corporation Refinancing, Restructuring, and Improvement Act of 1991 (12 U.S.C. 1831n note) and the following criteria:
(1) The loan is made in accordance with prudent underwriting standards, meaning that the national bank or Federal savings association has obtained sufficient documentation that the buyer of the home has a legally binding written sales contract and has a firm written commitment for permanent financing of the home upon completion;
(2) The purchaser is an individual(s) that intends to occupy the residence and is not a partnership, joint venture, trust, corporation, or any other entity (including an entity acting as a sole proprietorship) that is purchasing one or more of the residences for speculative purposes;
(3) The purchaser has entered into a legally binding written sales contract for the residence;
(4) The purchaser has not terminated the contract;
(5) The purchaser has made a substantial earnest money deposit of no less than 3 percent of the sales price, which is subject to forfeiture if the purchaser terminates the sales contract; provided that, the earnest money deposit shall not be subject to forfeiture by reason of breach or termination of the sales contract on the part of the builder;
(6) The earnest money deposit must be held in escrow by the national bank or Federal savings association or an independent party in a fiduciary capacity, and the escrow agreement must provide that in an event of default arising from the cancellation of the sales contract by the purchaser of the residence, the escrow funds shall be used to defray any cost incurred by the national bank or Federal savings association;
(7) The builder must incur at least the first 10 percent of the direct costs of construction of the residence (that is, actual costs of the land, labor, and material) before any drawdown is made under the loan;
(8) The loan may not exceed 80 percent of the sales price of the presold residence; and
(9) The loan is not more than 90 days past due, or on nonaccrual.


12 CFR § 3.2

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