Tax filer

Tax filer means an individual, or a married couple, who indicates that he, she or they expects -
(1) To file an income tax return for the benefit year, in accordance with 26 U.S.C. 6011, 6012, and implementing regulations;
(2) If married (within the meaning of 26 CFR 1.7703-1), to file a joint tax return for the benefit year;
(3) That no other taxpayer will be able to claim him, her or them as a tax dependent for the benefit year; and
(4) That he, she, or they expects to claim a personal exemption deduction under section 151 of the Code on his or her tax return for one or more applicants, who may or may not include himself or herself and his or her spouse.
(b) Medicaid and CHIP. In general, references to Medicaid and CHIP regulations in this subpart refer to those regulations as implemented in accordance with rules and procedures which are the same as those applied by the State Medicaid or State CHIP agency or approved by such agency in the agreement described in § 155.345(a).
(c) Attestation.
(1) Except as specified in paragraph (c)(2) of this section, for the purposes of this subpart, an attestation may be made by the application filer.
(2) The attestations specified in §§ 155.310(d)(2)(ii) and 155.315(f)(4)(ii) must be provided by the tax filer.
(d) Reasonably compatible. For purposes of this subpart, the Exchange must consider information obtained through electronic data sources, other information provided by the applicant, or other information in the records of the Exchange to be reasonably compatible with an applicant's attestation if the difference or discrepancy does not impact the eligibility of the applicant, including the amount of advance payments of the premium tax credit or category of cost-sharing reductions.


45 CFR § 155.300

Scoping language

Definitions. In addition to those definitions in 155.20, for purposes of this subpart, the following terms have the following meaning:

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