Importer means any person who imports a chemical substance, including a chemical substance as a part of a mixture or article, into the customs territory of the United States and includes the person primarily liable for the payment of any duties on the merchandise or an authorized agent acting on his behalf (as defined in 19 CFR 1.11). Importer also includes, as appropriate:
(1) The consignee.
(2) The importer of record.
(3) The actual owner, if an actual owner's declaration and superseding bond has been filed in accordance with 19 CFR 141.20.
(4) The transferee, if the right to draw merchandise in a bonded warehouse has been transferred in accordance with subpart C of 19 CFR part 144. For the purpose of this definition, the customs territory of the United States consists of the 50 States, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.


40 CFR § 716.3

Scoping language

The definitions in section 3 of TSCA apply to this subpart. In addition, the following definitions are provided for the purposes of this subpart:

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