Eligibility. To be eligible for naturalization under section 324(c) of the Act, an applicant must establish:
(1) That she was formerly a United States citizen by birth;
(2) That she lost or may have lost her United States citizenship:
(i) Prior to September 22, 1922, by marriage to an alien; or
(ii) On or after September 22, 1922, by marriage to an alien ineligible to citizenship before March 3, 1931;
(3) That the marriage specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section terminated subsequent to January 12, 1941;
(4) That she did not acquire any other nationality by affirmative act other than by marriage; and
(5) That she is not proscribed from naturalization under section 313 of the Act.


8 CFR § 324.3

Scoping language

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