Energy Saving Qualified Investment

Energy Saving Qualified Investment means a Financing which:
(1) Is made by a Licensee licensed after September 30, 2008;
(2) Is in the form of a Loan, Debt Security, or Equity Security, each as defined in this section;
(3) Is made to a Small Business that is primarily engaged in Energy Saving Activities. A Licensee must obtain a determination from SBA prior to the provision of Financing as to whether a Small Business is primarily engaged in Energy Saving Activities. SBA will consider the distribution of revenues, employees and expenditures, intellectual property rights held, and Energy Saving Activities described in a business plan presented to investors as part of a formal solicitation in making its determination. However, a Small Business is presumed to be primarily engaged in Energy Saving Activities, and no pre-Financing determination by SBA is required, if:
(i) The Small Business derived at least 50% of its revenues during its most recently completed fiscal year from Energy Saving Activities; or
(ii) The Small Business will utilize 100% of the Financing proceeds received from a Licensee to engage in Energy Saving Activities.


13 CFR § 107.50

Scoping language

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