Restraint means -
(1) Any manual method, physical or mechanical device, material, or equipment that immobilizes or reduces the ability of a client to move his or her arms, legs, body, or head freely, not including devices, such as orthopedically prescribed devices, surgical dressings or bandages, protective helmets, or other methods that involve the physical holding of a client for the purpose of conducting routine physical examinations or tests, or to protect the client from falling out of bed, or to permit the client to participate in activities without the risk of physical harm (this does not include a client being physically escorted); or
(2) A drug or medication when it is used as a restriction to manage the client's behavior or restrict the client's freedom of movement, and which is not a standard treatment or dosage for the client's condition.


42 CFR § 485.902

Scoping language

As used in this subpart, unless the context indicates otherwise -

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