Determinations. After reviewing the information available, the TCO shall determine the amount due and shall transmit a copy of the determination to the contractor by certified mail (return receipt requested), or by any other method that provides evidence of receipt. The transmittal letter shall advise the contractor that the determination is a final decision from which the contractor may appeal under the Disputes clause, except as shown in paragraph (f) below. The determination shall specify the amount due the contractor and will be supported by detailed schedules conforming generally to the forms for settlement proposals prescribed in 49.602-1 and by additional information, schedules, and analyses as appropriate. The TCO shall explain each major item of disallowance. The TCO need not reconsider any other action relating to the terminated portion of the contract that was ratified or approved by the TCO or another contracting officer.


48 CFR § 49.109-7

Scoping language

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