Manufactured, produced or processed.

(2) Manufactured, produced or processed. For purposes of this section, property which is sold or leased by a person is considered to be manufactured, produced or processed by that person or by another person pursuant to a contract with that person if the property is manufactured or produced, as defined in 1.954-3(a)(4). For purposes of this section, however, in determining if the 20% conversion test of 1.954-3(a)(4)(iii) has been met, conversion costs include assembly and packaging costs but do not include the value of parts provided pursuant to a services contract as described in 1.924(a)-1T(d)(3). In addition, for purposes of this section, the 20% conversion test is extended and applied to the export property's adjusted basis rather than to its cost of goods sold if it is leased or held for lease.


26 CFR § 1.927(a)-1T

Scoping language

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