Rehabilitation means the improvement of the condition of a property from deteriorated or substandard to good condition. Rehabilitation may vary in degree from the gutting and extensive reconstruction to the cure of substantial accumulation of deferred maintenance. Cosmetic improvements alone do not qualify as rehabilitation under this definition. Rehabilitation may also include renovation, alteration, or remodeling for the conversion or adaptation of structurally sound property to the design and condition required for use under this part, or the repair or replacement of major building systems or components in danger of failure. Improvement of an existing structure requires 15 percent or more of the estimated development cost to rehabilitate the project for a useful life of 40 years. The useful life period commences upon execution of a capital advance agreement.


24 CFR § 891.105

Scoping language

The following definitions apply, as appropriate, throughout this part. Other terms with definitions unique to the particular program are defined in 891.205, 891.305, 891.505, and 891.805, as applicable.

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