Elastomer product

Elastomer product means one of the following types of products, as they are defined in this section:
(1) Butyl Rubber;
(2) Epichlorohydrin Elastomer;
(3) Ethylene Propylene Rubber;
(4) Hypalon TM;
(5) Neoprene;
(6) Nitrile Butadiene Rubber;
(7) Nitrile Butadiene Latex;
(8) Polybutadiene Rubber/Styrene Butadiene Rubber by Solution;
(9) Polysulfide Rubber;
(10) Styrene Butadiene Rubber by Emulsion; and
(11) Styrene Butadiene Latex.


40 CFR § 63.482

Scoping language

The following terms used in this subpart shall have the meaning given them in 63.2, 63.101, 63.111, 63.161, or the Act, as specified after each term:

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