Roof height

Roof height means the maximum height of a vehicle (rounded to the nearest inch), excluding narrow accessories such as exhaust pipes and antennas, but including any wide accessories such as roof fairings. Measure roof height of the vehicle configured to have its maximum height that will occur during actual use, with properly inflated tires and no driver, passengers, or cargo onboard. Determine the base roof height on fully inflated tires having a static loaded radius equal to the arithmetic mean of the largest and smallest static loaded radius of tires a manufacturer offers or a standard tire EPA approves. If a vehicle is equipped with an adjustable roof fairing, measure the roof height with the fairing in its lowest setting. Once the maximum height is determined, roof heights are divided into the following categories:
(1) Low-roof means a vehicle with a roof height of 120 inches or less.
(2) Mid-roof means a vehicle with a roof height between 121 and 147 inches.
(3) High-roof means a vehicle with a roof height of 148 inches or more.


49 CFR § 535.4

Scoping language

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