Former spouse

Former spouse1 means a former wife or husband of a participant or former participant who was married to such participant for not less than ten years during periods of service by that participant which are creditable under section 816 of the Act provided the participant was making contributions to the Fund under section 805 of the Act during some portion of such service, and provided the divorce occurred after February 15, 1981. For this purpose, a former spouse shall not be considered as married to a participant for periods assumed to be creditable under section 808 of the Act in the case of a disability annuity or section 809 of the Act in the case of a death in service. A former spouse will be considered married to a participant for any extra period of creditable service provided under section 817 of the Act for service at an unhealthful post during which the former spouse resided with the participant. See 19.5-3 for procedures to determine this extra period of marriage.


22 CFR § 19.2

Scoping language

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