Discounts and Allowances.

Discounts and Allowances. Any consideration provided directly or indirectly, by or on behalf of the Exporter or an Intervening Purchaser, to the Importer in connection with an Eligible Export Sale, above and beyond the commodity's value, stated on the appropriate FOB, FAS, FCA, CFR or CIF basis (or other basis specified in Incoterms 2010, or as superseded), which includes, but is not limited to, the provision of additional goods, services or benefits; the promise to provide additional goods, services or benefits in the future; financial rebates; the assumption of any financial or contractual obligations; commissions where the Importer requires the Exporter to employ and compensate a specified agent as a condition of concluding the Eligible Export Sale; the whole or partial release of the Importer from any financial or contractual obligations; or settlements made in favor of the Importer for quality or weight.


7 CFR § 1493.20

Scoping language

Terms set forth in this subpart, on the USDA Web site (including in Program Announcements and notices to participants), and in any CCC-originated documents pertaining to the GSM-102 Program will have the following meanings:

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