Useful thermal energy

Useful thermal energy means thermal energy that is:
(1) Made available to an industrial or commercial process (not a power production process), excluding any heat contained in condensate return or makeup water;
(2) Used in a heating application (e.g., space heating or domestic hot water heating); or
(3) Used in a space cooling application (i.e., in an absorption chiller).


40 CFR § 97.802

Scoping language

The terms used in this subpart shall have the meanings set forth in this section as follows, provided that any term that includes the acronym CSAPR shall be considered synonymous with a term that is used in a SIP revision approved by the Administrator under 52.38 or 52.39 of this chapter and that is substantively identical except for the inclusion of the acronym TR in place of the acronym CSAPR:

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