Production interval

Production interval means a period of time determined by the manufacturer or importer that is appropriate for conducting a test on one or more samples of the CB antennas produced during that period in order to provide a high degree of assurance that all of the products manufactured during that period meet the requirements of the standard. An appropriate production interval may vary depending on the construction of the antenna, the likelihood of variations in the production process, and the severity of the test that is used. The time period for a production interval shall be short enough to provide a high degree of assurance that if the samples selected for testing pass the test, all other CB antennas produced during the period will meet the standard.


16 CFR § 1204.12

Scoping language

In addition to the definitions set forth in section 3 of the act, and in 1204.2 of the standard, the following definitions shall apply to this subpart B of part 1204:

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