Successor in interest

Successor in interest means a person to whom an ownership interest in a property securing a mortgage loan subject to this subpart is transferred from a borrower, provided that the transfer is:
(1) A transfer by devise, descent, or operation of law on the death of a joint tenant or tenant by the entirety;
(2) A transfer to a relative resulting from the death of a borrower;
(3) A transfer where the spouse or children of the borrower become an owner of the property;
(4) A transfer resulting from a decree of a dissolution of marriage, legal separation agreement, or from an incidental property settlement agreement, by which the spouse of the borrower becomes an owner of the property; or
(5) A transfer into an inter vivos trust in which the borrower is and remains a beneficiary and which does not relate to a transfer of rights of occupancy in the property.


12 CFR § 1024.31

Scoping language

For purposes of this subpart:

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