Transmittor's financial institution.

Transmittor's financial institution. The receiving financial institution to which the transmittal order of the transmittor is issued if the transmittor is not a financial institution or foreign financial agency, or the transmittor if the transmittor is a financial institution or foreign financial agency. The term transmittor's financial institution includes an originator's bank, except where the originator is a transmittor's financial institution other than a bank or foreign bank.


31 CFR § 1010.100

Scoping language

When used in this chapter and in forms prescribed under this chapter, where not otherwise distinctly expressed or manifestly incompatible with the intent thereof, terms shall have the meanings ascribed in this subpart. Terms applicable to a particular type of financial institution or specific part or subpart of this chapter are located in that part or subpart. Terms may have different meanings in different parts or subparts.

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