Principle of operation.

(1) Principle of operation. The test shall be performed with a sharp edge tester which contains a cylindrical mandrel capable of rotation at a constant velocity. (Engineering drawings for a suitable portable sharp edge test instrument are available from the Commission's Office of the Secretary.) The full circumference of the mandrel shall be wrapped with a single layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (TFE) tape as specified in paragraph (e)(3) of this section. The mandrel shall be applied to the edge to be tested with a normal force of 1.35 pounds (6.00 Newtons) such that the edge contacts the approximate center of the width of the tape as shown in Figure 1 of this section. The mandrel shall be rotated through one complete revolution while maintaining the force against the edge constant. Linear motion of the mandrel along the line of the edge shall be prevented. The edge shall be identified as sharp if it completely cuts through the tape for a length of not less than 1/2 inch (13 millimeters) at any force up to 1.35 pounds (6.00 Newtons).


16 CFR § 1500.49

Scoping language

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