Renewable Energy System (RES). Meets the requirements of paragraph and (2) of this definition:
(1) A system that:
(i) Produces usable energy from a Renewable Energy source; and
(ii) May include distribution components necessary to move energy produced by such system to initial point of sale.
(2) A system described in paragraph (1) of this definition may not include a mechanism for dispensing energy at retail.


7 CFR § 4280.103

Scoping language

Terms used in this subpart are defined in either 4279.2 of this chapter or in this section. If a term is defined in both 4279.2 and this section, it will have, for purposes of this subpart only, the meaning given in this section. Terms used in this subpart that have the same meaning as the terms defined in this section have been capitalized in this subpart.

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