Radio Regulations.

US444A The band 5091-5150 MHz is also allocated to the fixed-satellite service (Earth-to-space) on a primary basis for non-Federal use. This allocation is limited to feeder links of non-geostationary satellite systems in the mobile-satellite service and is subject to coordination under No. 9.11A of the ITU Radio Regulations. In the band 5091-5150 MHz, the following conditions also apply:
(a) Prior to January 1, 2018, the use of the band 5091-5150 MHz by feeder links of non-geostationary-satellite systems in the mobile-satellite service shall be made in accordance with Resolution 114 (Rev.WRC-12);
(b) After January 1, 2016, no new assignments shall be made to earth stations providing feeder links of non-geostationary mobile-satellite systems; and
(c) After January 1, 2018, the fixed-satellite service will become secondary to the aeronautical radionavigation service.


47 CFR § 2.106

Scoping language

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