civil money penalties

Notice to impose civil money penalties -
(1) CMS notice to OIG. If CMS determines that an MA organization has failed to comply with a requirement as described in 422.752, CMS notifies the OIG of this determination. OIG may impose a civil money penalty upon an MA organization as specified at 422.752(c)(2).
(2) CMS notice of civil money penalties to MA organizations. If CMS makes a determination to impose a CMP as described in 422.752(c)(1), CMS will send a written notice of the Agency's decision to impose a civil money penalty to include -
(i) A description of the basis for the determination.
(ii) The basis for the penalty.
(iii) The amount of the penalty.
(iv) The date the penalty is due.
(v) The MA organization's right to a hearing under subpart T of this part.
(vi) Information about where to file the request for hearing.


42 CFR § 422.756

Scoping language

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