Home health agencies (HHAs).

Home health agencies (HHAs). For an HHA with deficiencies that pose immediate jeopardy to the health and safety of patients, CMS gives notice to the HHA at least 2 days before the effective date of termination of the provider agreement.


42 CFR § 489.53

Scoping language

Basis for termination of agreement. CMS may terminate the agreement with any provider if CMS finds that any of the following failings is attributable to that provider, and may, in addition to the applicable requirements in this chapter governing the termination of agreements with suppliers, terminate the agreement with any supplier to which the failings in paragraphs (a)(2), (13) and (18) of this section are attributable:
(1) It is not complying with the provisions of title XVIII and the applicable regulations of this chapter or with the provisions of the agreement.
(2) The provider or supplier places restrictions on the persons it will accept for treatment and it fails either to exempt Medicare beneficiaries from those restrictions or to apply them to Medicare beneficiaries the same as to all other persons seeking care.
(3) It no longer meets the appropriate conditions of participation or requirements (for SNFs and NFs) set forth elsewhere in this chapter. In the case of an RNHCI, it no longer meets the conditions for coverage, conditions of participation and requirements set forth elsewhere in this chapter. In the case of an OTP, it no longer meets the requirements set forth in this section and elsewhere in this chapter.
(4) It fails to furnish information that CMS finds necessary for a determination as to whether payments are or were due under Medicare and the amounts due.
(5) It refuses to permit examination of its fiscal or other records by, or on behalf of CMS, as necessary for verification of information furnished as a basis for payment under Medicare.
(6) It failed to furnish information on business transactions as required in § 420.205 of this chapter.
(7) It failed at the time the agreement was entered into or renewed to disclose information on convicted individuals as required in § 420.204 of this chapter.
(8) It failed to furnish ownership information as required in § 420.206 of this chapter.
(9) It failed to comply with civil rights requirements set forth in 45 CFR parts 80, 84, and 90.
(10) In the case of a hospital or a critical access hospital as defined in section 1861(mm)(1) of the Act that has reason to believe it may have received an individual transferred by another hospital in violation of § 489.24(d), the hospital failed to report the incident to CMS or the State survey agency.
(11) In the case of a hospital requested to furnish inpatient services to CHAMPUS or CHAMPVA beneficiaries or to veterans, it failed to comply with § 489.25 or § 489.26, respectively.
(12) It failed to furnish the notice of discharge rights as required by § 489.27.
(13) The provider or supplier refuses to permit copying of any records or other information by, or on behalf of, CMS, as necessary to determine or verify compliance with participation requirements.
(14) The hospital knowingly and willfully fails to accept, on a repeated basis, an amount that approximates the Medicare rate established under the inpatient hospital prospective payment system, minus any enrollee deductibles or copayments, as payment in full from a fee-for-service FEHB plan for inpatient hospital services provided to a retired Federal enrollee of a fee-for-service FEHB plan, age 65 or older, who does not have Medicare Part A benefits.
(15) It had its enrollment in the Medicare program revoked in accordance to § 424.535 of this chapter.
(16) It has failed to pay a revisit user fee when and if assessed.
(17) In the case of an HHA or hospice program, it failed to correct any deficiencies within the required time frame.
(18) The provider or supplier fails to grant immediate access upon a reasonable request to a state survey agency or other authorized entity for the purpose of determining, in accordance with § 488.3, whether the provider or supplier meets the applicable requirements, conditions of participation, conditions for coverage, or conditions for certification.

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