MVNRLM diesel fuel

MVNRLM diesel fuel means any diesel fuel or other distillate fuel that is used, intended for use, or made available for use in motor vehicles or motor vehicle engines, or as a fuel in any nonroad diesel engines, including locomotive and marine diesel engines, except the following: Distillate fuel with a T90 at or above 700 F that is used only in Category 2 and 3 marine engines is not MVNRLM diesel fuel, and ECA marine fuel is not MVNRLM diesel fuel (note that fuel that conforms to the requirements of MVNRLM diesel fuel is excluded from the definition of ECA marine fuel in this section without regard to its actual use). Use the distillation test method specified in 40 CFR 1065.1010 to determine the T90 of the fuel.


40 CFR § 80.2

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