Process Unit

Process Unit means the group of equipment items used to process raw materials and to manufacture a product. For the purposes of this subpart, process unit includes all unit operations and associated equipment (e.g., reactors and associated product separators and recovery devices), associated unit operations (e.g., extraction columns), any feed and product storage vessels, and any transfer racks for distribution of final product.


40 CFR § 63.191

Scoping language

The following terms as used in subparts I and H of this part shall have the meaning given them in subpart A of this part: Act, Administrator, approved permit program, commenced, compliance date, construction, effective date, EPA, equivalent emission limitation, existing source, Federally enforceable, hazardous air pollutant, lesser quantity, major source, malfunction, new source, owner or operator, performance evaluation, performance test, permit program, permitting authority, reconstruction, relevant standard, responsible official, run, standard conditions, State, and stationary source.

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