life insurance company,

(1) The term life insurance company, as used in subtitle A of the Code, is defined in section 801(a). For the purpose of determining whether a company is a life insurance company within the meaning of that term as used in section 801(a), it must first be determined whether the company is taxable as an insurance company (as defined in paragraph (a) of this section). An insurance company shall be taxed as a life insurance company if it is engaged in the business of issuing life insurance and annuity contracts (either separately or combined with health and accident insurance), or noncancellable contracts of health and accident insurance, and its life insurance reserves (as defined in section 801(b) and 1.8014), plus unearned premiums, and unpaid losses (whether or not ascertained), on noncancellable life, health, or accident policies not included in life insurance reserves, comprise more than 50 percent of its total reserves (as defined in section 801(c) and 1.8015). For purposes of determining whether it satisfies the percentage requirements of the preceding sentence, a company shall first make any adjustments to life insurance reserves and total reserves required by section 806(a) (relating to adjustments for certain changes in reserves and assets) and then as required by section 801(d) (relating to adjustments in reserves for policy loans). For examples of the adjustments required under section 806(a), see paragraph (b)(4) of 1.8063. For an example of the adjustments required under section 801(d), see paragraph (c) of 1.8016. Furthermore, if an insurance company which computes its life insurance reserves on a preliminary term basis elects to revalue such reserves on a net level premium basis under section 818(c), such revalued basis shall be disregarded for purposes of section 801.


26 CFR § 1.801-3

Scoping language

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